Arena v.1 Alpha Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of Arena v.1. A lot of you may be asking “What is Arena?” Arena is a cryptocurrency social network. Arena is a place where other members can talk about cryptocurrency and share advice. Contributors can get donations from appreciative members for their valuable content. Each user blog post will have the option to receive a donation in Arena tokens. In addition to getting Arena tokens for your contributions, users can donate and send other users any ERC20 token. Each token transfer requires a small amount of Arena tokens. Metamask will connect to Arena for all token transfers. No tokens will be held on Arena’s website for user safety. Token transfer and donation functionality will be available on the Beta launch of the platform.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of Arena:

Donate to users’ blog posts

Public Chatroom

Extensive Profiles

Send Arena Tokens To Users

Summary of Current and Future Features

1. Advanced user profiles: (active)

2. Donation functionality: Send Arena tokens to content creators (beta)

3. Send users Arena and ERC20 tokens (Beta)

4. Site wide Airdrops. Receive outside airdrops from other projects. All new airdrops will require to pay a small fee in Arena tokens. (Bets)

5. Advertising functionality: Purchase advertising on Arena with Arena tokens.

6. Trollbox: Chat with other members (active)

7. User groups: Join a trading user group and share your trading knowledge

Click Here to Visit the Arena Social Website

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